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"I very enthusiastically recommend Sheri Mar for personal training.  I started to work with her 6 years ago when I developed health issues.  I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and at risk of developing diabetes.  I needed to learn how to take care of myself in a healthier way.  I have learned so much from Sheri. 
Our workouts are more than just exercise, they are about listening to your body, learning to work with your injuries, and unique strengths and weaknesses.  She has taught me that small steps are progress, and those steps build a strong foundation that you can depend upon if injured, discouraged or just tired. 
I am much healthier 6 years later.  She is very kind, supportive and positive.  She is flexible and always tailors her training to my specific needs.  She never judges or shames you for not working hard.  She always finds something positive during our time together, even if it is simply showing up for the training. 
Sheri has incorporated exercises recommended by my physical therapist when I had a leg injury.  At no extra cost, she worked with my physical therapist to understand what I needed to get better.  I am happy to say I am healthier and stronger than I was 6 years ago. 
If you are looking for a trainer who will provide a personal, targeted, and positive experience that will motivate you as well as teach you how to take care of yourself, you could not find anyone better than Sheri Mar."
D.H. of Belltown  
"My health improved dramatically because of Sheri.  It took less than a month of working with her to notice major differences in my health and comfort.  
First, her methodical food testing proved I had allergies to gluten and certain vegetables--nightshade plants including tomatoes. (I already knew I was lactose intolerant.)  Once I changed my diet, my long standing stomach aches and headaches disappeared and my energy level improved. I was truly amazed!
Second, the results of her nutrition analysis hit me like a bombshell: immediately I became convinced that certain other dietary changes were necessary.  Her vitamin program and on-site shopping advice gave me additional support as I made many changes.
Last but not least, I am happy to report that my “couch potato” behavior has changed too: her personalized at-home fitness program is just what I needed.  My body and immune system are immensely stronger, and at the age of 61, I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in my life. (I have even lost a few unnecessary pounds! Thank you, Sheri!  You provided the skillful and patient motivation I needed to take control of my health."
N.R. of Ballard  "A most satisfied client"
"I am a totally blind senior and have been working with Sheri for more than a year to improve my bone and muscle strength, with excellent results.  I feel great and have more energy, and my flexibility, agility, and muscle strength have all gotten better.  I have better mobility and confidence now as well.   Sheri has a very calm, pleasant manner and is intuitive about knowing what people need to improve their physical condition, adapting her routines to your abilities and limitations."
A.F. of Queen Anne
"Sheri gave me the tools I needed to think about diet and nutrition in a way that would help me reach my goals.  I like Sheri's collaborative approach.  Over a period of several months we worked together to develop tactics for healthy eating that involved everything from when I ate, what I bought at the grocery store and when I exercised."
B.P. of Mount Baker
"Sheri cares about her clients' needs and is a dedicated health professional.  I'd recommend both her nutrition counseling and fitness training to anyone."
D F. of Magnolia
"I began seeing Sheri during the beginning stages of menopause.  I wanted to understand what was happening and how I could prevent weight gain by eating and exercising right for this stage of my life.  Sheri was very helpful with this.
I filled out some food journals to keep track of what I was eating for a couple of weeks and sent them off to Sheri. She analyzed the foods, gave me a written analysis of all the foods (fat content, protein, calories), suggested adjustments; what foods to add and their benefits.
Sheri also taught me how to exercise on the stability ball with weights and bands.  Great workout!
Suffice to say I was thrilled with everything Sheri helped me accomplish and would be more than willing (and will) recommend to her services to others."
C.L. of Kent
"Sheri offers VERY personalized care.  She neither bullies nor shames in her attention to helping you establish a healthier lifestyle. She is responsive, accessible and kind.  Well worth the investment for your future."
J.D. of Seattle
"Sheri continues to help me maintain good health and improve on my physical skills.  Knowledgeable, and always available, she communicates clearly.  Sheri has assembled shopping lists for me and taken me on a very informative grocery store tour.  Clearly, she is a dedicated and capable, nutritionist and personal trainer."
M E. of Magnolia