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A Day in a Healthy Life

Modeling behaviors to support your health and wellness can be challenging on a daily basis, especially while on a busy work schedule, taking care of children, preparing for the holidays and all the other things that fill up your free time.  What if you could take a few moments out of your day, along with a bit of planning and preparation, your day could be an example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like.  While everyone's lifestyle is different, please use this as a template to assist in improving your day-to-day towards a healthier you.  Feel free to pick and choose those areas where you feel needs improvement.  If you'd like a customized plan for yourself, contact Sheri for an appointment.


  • Waking— Start the day well rested.  Foremost, get a good night of sleep this will dictate how the rest your day will progress.  Take a moment to think about your sleep, did you have any interesting dreams, did you come up with a solution to a problem?  Sleep has an amazing way of focusing the brain and preparing you for the day.

  • Eat in the Morning— Fuel yourself first, don't start the day on an empty tank.  You've fasted all night and your body is ready to take in some energy.  If you're out of time grab a quick cooking hot cereal that has some protein like nuts to take to the office to eat.  This is the time to start hydrating.  Drink at least one cup of water.

  • Mid-Morning—Do you need a snack?  If so, have one of the healthy snacks that you packed from the night before (see below for packed snacks).  Otherwise skip the snack, take a lap around the office or around the block to clear your head and burn a few calories.

  • Lunch Time— Don't skip lunch, especially if you didn't have a mid-morning snack.  Have your packed lunch or select a healthy meal of lean protein, vegetables and a small amount of whole grains.  Suposing you've picked up a large meal, portion out leftovers to have for another meal.  If you're going to eat at your desk, I know a lot of you do, please take a moment to walk around so you aren't sitting at your desk for over 8 hours straight!  This is a great time to connect with coworkers.

  • Mid-Afternoon— This window of time is when the afternoon slump usually hits, are you feeling tired and sleepy?  What this means is you need a snack or need to get up and move, or both.  Take a moment to have a healthy snack and take another walk around the block or office.  Some sun exposure would be great in order for your body to make some vitamin D.
  • Exercise Break— Take 30 minutes some time during the day to get your heart rate up.  Or take three, 10 minute intervals during your day to raise your heart rate.  A brisk walk, quick run or calisthenics can count too.

  • Dinner Time— Do you have a plan for dinner?  It could be lunch leftovers.  If you don't have time to cook, healthy meals can be picked up at your grocery store deli. For example, grab some roasted chicken, vegetables from the salad bar or a low-fat vegetable soup.  This is an opportunity to purchase extra for tomorrow's lunch.  While you're at it, grab some healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and some nuts or nut butter too.  Dinner is also a time to relax and reconnect with family members.  After dinner, pack your lunch and snacks in advance for the next day.

  • Before Bedtime— Prior to bedtime, take a moment to turn off all electronics, dim the lights, relax and destress.  Think about the good parts the day and for what you feel most grateful.

  • Sleep— The most important aspect of your life is obtaining good quality sleep.  It clears the mind, helps you retain memories and performs problem solving.  Sleep is not a waste of time, you are quite productive during sleep which in turn improves productivity during the day.

  • Through-out the Day— Work in activity wherever you can, take stairs, park farther, have walking meetings and move your body.  Sitting all day is one of the worst habits for your health.  In addition, don't skimp on hydration, drink through-out the day, carry water bottles if necessary.  Dehydration can lead to fatigue, poor focus and death if taken to the extreme.  Moreover, make face-to-face human contact, especially with those who are positive and supportive.  We are social creatures and need this interaction for our overall health and well being.

Here are few reasons to see a nutritionist/personal trainer/health coach: relieve tension and stress in the body, properly train or progress in an activity, improve your microbiome, assess nutrient intake, disease prevention through evidence-based diet, and exercise, maximize exercise performance, improve sleep quality, enhance mental clarity, optimize digestion and nutrient absorption, establish long-term healthy habits, meal planning for a whole foods diet and eat in a way to sustain the planet.  Please consider Sheri for nutrition counseling and/or fitness appointments to help you develop a healthier lifestyle for you and the planet. 


Wash Your Brain with Sleep
Researchers have discovered that brain waves generated during deep sleep appear to trigger a cleaning mechanism.  This wave of electricaly activity precedes a flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CFS).   The CFS flows through the brain and spinal cord and seems to clear the brain of waste products.  One of these waste products is beta-amyloid which accumulates in the brain of those with Alzeimer's.  Potentially, having deep sleep may cleanse the brain of waste that can affect memory.  All the more reason to sleep well.

Sheri is a Certified Nutritionist with a master's degree in nutrition, with over 15 years of clinical counseling experience, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer with advanced certifications in medical exercise, senior fitness and health coaching.  All nutrition consultations include exercise guidance, dietary analysis and meal plans to meet your individual lifestyle, calorie and nutritional needs.

Free introductory 15-minute appointments are also available.

To schedule an appointment with Sheri Mar, email:  or call:  206.789.6440

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