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Healthy Holiday Strategies

The holiday season can be a time of joyous celebrations, combined with a hectic schedule of family and social obligations.  All of this activity can throw you off-track with eating healthy and cause time conflicts with your exercise routine.  Try the following tips to stay healthy and sustain your weight goals through-out the holiday season.

  • Communicate with Family - Discuss healthier choices for holiday meals with your family.  This ensures that everyone’s needs are being addressed.  You may discover how much your family is willing to compromise on food traditions.

  • Share Food Preferences - When attending parties, ask if you can help with menu planning or bring something healthy to share.  Your host may be relieved to have some ideas or assistance.

  • Have a Party Plan - At parties, spend more time socializing away from the buffet table.  Strategically place yourself away from the food to avoid mindless snacking.  You'll find yourself more focused on visiting than thinking about your next snack.

  • Budget Calories - Think of food calories as if you are on a tight budget.  Try to have the foods that are special occasion or seasonal, rather than frivolous spending on foods that you can have anytime or don’t really like that much.

  • Practice Mindful Eating - During the meals, take small portions, use small plates and take the time to savor all the flavors in that amount of food.  This is mindful eating.  By taking the time to thoroughly chew and taste your food you may realize an undiscovered appreciation for a new or familiar food.

  • Manage Stress - The desire to eat could be related to emotional responses that lead to overeating or making poor food choices.  Think about which needs you are fulfilling when you want to eat.  If it’s related to emotional stress or anxiety, find non-food alternatives for relief such as having a soothing cup of herbal tea, pampering yourself with a massage, soaking in a hot bath or taking a yoga class.

  • Get Plenty of Sleep - Don’t skimp on your sleep time.  Not having enough rest can increase your appetite, decrease your ability to control behavior and lead to overeating.  Catch some ZZZZZs!

  • Burn Some Calories - After your holiday meals, grab a friend or family member and go for a walk, or get your groove on and dance, dance, dance!  Holiday shopping can burn calories too, get out and support your local retailers.

If you're looking for an individualized approach to holiday strategies for healthier food swaps and ways to burn additional calories contact Sheri.  We're here to make your holidays healthy and happy!

Here are few reasons to see a nutritionist/personal trainer/health coach: assess nutrient intake, disease prevention through diet and exercise, maximize exercise performance, improve sleep quality, enhance mental clarity, optimize digestion and nutrient absorption, establish long-term healthy habits, meal planning for a whole foods diet and eat in a way to sustain the planet.  Please consider Sheri for nutrition counseling and/or fitness appointments to help you develop a healthier lifestyle for you and the planet. 


Updated Nutrition Labels Delayed to 2018 or Later?

Under the Obama administration the FDA had originally planned for the new Nutrition Facts labels to implemented by May 2016.  The deadline for these new labels have now been pushed to July 2018 and possibly January 2020, or later.  These important additions to the new food labels show amount of added sugar, more prominent displays of calories and more realistic serving sizes.  All of this information is important in selecting healthier options for packaged foods and beverages.  It appears the Trump administration is yielding to big business and leaving the health of the public behind.  The silver lining is that some food companies in anticipation of the new food labels have already implemented these food labels changes.  Look to see which companies are ahead of the game with new food labels.

Sheri is a Certified Nutritionist with a master's degree in nutrition, with over 14 years of clinical counseling experience, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer with advanced certifications in medical exercise and health coaching.  All nutrition consultations include exercise guidance, dietary analysis and meal plans to meet your individual lifestyle, calorie and nutritional needs.

Free introductory 15-minute appointments are also available.

To schedule an appointment with Sheri Mar, email:  or call:  206.789.6440

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