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The Politics of Food


Since the beginning of the Trump administration many policies changes have had impact on our food supply.  These don't always make the headlines but it's worthwhile to know what has changed.  Many directly or indirectly affect the quality and safety of our foods.  Here's only a small sampling of policies that we should be concerned about.

  • Paris Climate Agreement & Climate Change Denial - First and foremost is the denial that climate change exists and withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.  The consensus amongst most scientific communities is that our climate is changing for the worse due to our emissions of greenhouse gases.  Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement means that the United States will not commit to reducing greenhouse gases to protect the environment.  We are only one of three countries in the world to not sign the agreement.  197 other nations have agreed to voluntarily cut back on pollution.  Our climate is changing, look at the wildfires in California and the west, worsening storms, tornadoes and hurricanes in the Midwest and eastern states.  This affects our farmers ability to grow healthy food when they are dealing with droughts, poor soil quality and pollution.  We need to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste to keep our food systems healthy.

  • EPA Reinstates Use of Bee-Killing Pesticide - In 2015, a federal appeals court ordered to remove Sulfoxafur from the market due to concerns that chemical is harmful to bees and other pollinators.  In July 2019, the EPA approved the use of Sulfoxafur even though it was previously banned by the court.  Our pollinators are already at risk and reinstating this pesticide is only adding insult to injury.  We need our pollinators for reproduction and production of most our fruits and vegetables. 

  • Outbreaks of Foodborne illness - Salmonella, E. coli and other food pathogen have been on the rise, sickening and killing people.  Seven former FDA commissioners have accused the Trump administration of interfering politically with the agency  The Center for Food Safety has brought multiple lawsuits against the FDA to enforce basic rules to to oversee all areas of our food system.

  • Nutrition Policy in Schools - Michelle Obama created many partnerships and health initiatives for children and school lunch programs.  Schools were serving more fruits, vegetables and increasing whole grains in their programs.  The Republican led congress, along with Trump have been revising the Child Nutrition programs and weakening nutrition standards.

  • Meat Packing Workers Sickened by COVID-19 - Another presidential executive order to keep meat plants open is putting many meat packing workers at risk for COVID.  No requirements were issued for keeping these workers safe.

  • Diverting Water from Salmon - Trump signed an order in California to divert large amounts of water from the San Francisco Bay Delta to irrigate farmlands, disrupting sensitive Eco-systems that support salmon and smelt.  Thus, giving water to large scale farms and weakening protections for threatened California fish.

Here are few reasons to visit with a nutritionist/personal trainer/health coach: relieve tension and stress in the body, properly train or progress in an activity, improve your microbiome, assess nutrient intake, disease prevention through evidence-based diet, and exercise, maximize exercise performance, improve sleep quality, enhance mental clarity, optimize digestion and nutrient absorption, establish long-term healthy habits, meal planning for a whole foods diet and eat in a way to sustain the planet.  Please consider Sheri for nutrition counseling and/or fitness appointments to help you develop a healthier lifestyle for you and the planet.


Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19
The latest research on patients hospitalized with COVID-19, provides evidence that vitamin D status can make a difference in severity of symptoms.  Those who were deficient in vitamin D have more severe symptoms and lower survival rates.  An additional study, showed those who had sufficient vitamin D levels had a 54% reduced risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

Sheri is a Certified Nutritionist with a master's degree in nutrition, with over 15 years of clinical counseling experience, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer with advanced certifications in medical exercise, senior fitness and health coaching.  All nutrition consultations include exercise guidance, dietary analysis and meal plans to meet your individual lifestyle, calorie and nutritional needs.

Free introductory 15-minute appointments are also available.

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