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Nutrition 101: Back to Basics

Whether or not you’re going back at school this fall, a little education or review can never hurt.  There are many nutrition terms we hear about daily, we know they’re good for us but don't know why or how to work them into our diet.  Here’s a little refresher course on some nutrition basics that can improve your health in many ways.

  • Vitamins- It’s an alphabet soup of vitamin names but there’s more than what’s in that daily multivitamin that you take.  Many vitamins that our body requires have yet to be discovered in order for the manufacturers to put into a pill, or on your cereal.  To get the widest variety of vitamins, eat a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein  These whole foods contain the full complement of vitamins that our bodies need.

  • Minerals- There are so many minerals that our bodies need and not enough space to list here.  Various minerals are needed for our bones (not only calcium), blood and normal cellular function.  Eating a varied diet of unrefined foods can improve you intake of important minerals.

  • Cholesterol– Pre-formed cholesterol occurs in food such as meat and eggs, and there’s the bad cholesterol (LDL) that the body manufactures, mainly from saturated fat.  The latter is the worst for heart disease and other chronic diseases.  First and foremost reduce saturated fat in the diet.  Foods that are high in saturated fat: fatty cuts of beef, full-fat dairy (cheese, ice cream) and any meat-based product that is high in fat.

  • Essential Fats– The healthy fats that we need in our diet.  Our bodies cannot make these fats, thus why they are “essential."  The fats that get the most attention are omega-3’s, they have many healing properties.  These fats can lower risk of heart disease, cancer, reduce joint pain and allergy symptoms and improve emotional health.  Good sources of omega-3’s are walnuts, almonds, flaxseed, chia seed and fish; especially salmon.

  • Antioxidants–These prevent oxidation and quench free radicals which can damage healthy cells.  Cumulative oxidative damage has been implicated in aging, heart disease, cancer, macular degeneration and other health issues.  Antioxidants are nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, and E, lutein, lycopene and quercetin.  Foods high in antioxidants are colorful fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.
Here are few reasons to see a nutritionist/personal trainer: improve exercise performance, sleep quality, improve mental clarity, improve digestion and nutrient absorption, establish long-term healthy habits, meal planning for a whole foods diet and eat in a way to sustain the planet.  Please consider Sheri for nutrition counseling and/or fitness appointments to help you develop a healthier lifestyle for you and the planet.  


Recommended Sugar Limits for Children
Excess intake of sugar promotes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, tooth decay as well as other health problems.  The American Heart Association has recommended no more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day for women and no more than nine teaspoons of added sugar per day for men.  Currently, the American Heart Association is proposing limits specifically for children.  It recommends children aged two to 18 consume no more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day and teenagers limit sugary drinks such as sports and energy drinks, to no more than 8 ounces per week.  In addition, children under the age of two should not consume foods or beverages with any added sugars. 

This is good to keep in mind as Halloween approaches.  Added sugars will be easier to identify with packaged foods and beverages when the updated nutrition labels are implemented.  These new labels will separate naturally occurring sugars from added sugars and list them separately.

Sheri is a Certified Nutritionist with a master's degree in nutrition, with over 14 years of clinical counseling experience, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer with advanced certifications in medical exercise and health coaching.  All nutrition consultations include exercise guidance, dietary analysis and meal plans to meet your individual lifestyle, calorie and nutritional needs.

Free introductory 15-minute appointments are also available.

To schedule an appointment with Sheri Mar, email:  or call:  206.789.6440

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