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PRIME TIME FOR PRODUCE: It's the Best of the Season!

This is the season to enjoy the best produce the Northwest has to offer.  Get over to your farmers� market and pick-up some spectacular fresh produce.  The actual definition of �locavore� is one who only eats foods grown within a 100 mile radius of where you live.  You too can certainly become one and enjoy what is abundantly available now without becoming a strict �locavore.�  Save energy, support the local economy, and local farmers by shopping at your neighborhood farmers� market.  You�ll also support yourself by having the most nutritious fruits and vegetables for your body and well-being.  

Here�s a list of a few of the in-season abundant fruits and vegetables along with their nutritional benefits.

  • Berries- These are blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, sometimes categorized as �super foods.�  All berries are low calorie, high in antioxidants and packed with vitamin C.  Toss them into yogurt or cereal for breakfast; or have as a healthy snack.

  • Summer Squash- Zucchini is the most popular summer squash.  Crockneck and pattypan are a couple of other varieties, even the squash flowers are edible.  Summer squash are lower in carbohydrates and calories than winter squash.  Add to spaghetti sauce to pack extra nutrients into your favorite pasta sauce or saut� with garlic and olive oil for quick side dish.

  • Lettuce- There are so many varieties of lettuce to mix and match, the darker the leaves the more nutritious.  When it�s too hot to cook, salads are versatile and easy, just add protein for a complete meal.  These leafy greens are high in folate, fiber and minerals.

  • String Beans- They now come in various colors besides green, you can find purple, yellow and speckled string beans. The more color the more antioxidants. They are high in B-vitamins and vitamin K. Par-boil for salads, or saut� with red peppers, garlic and olive oil.

  • Tomatoes- This fruit is often categorized as a vegetable, it is lycopene-rich as a preventative for various types of cancer and useful for maintaining eye health.  Don�t miss the sweet taste of fresh vine-ripened tomatoes at its peak this time of year.  A great addition to salads or create a fresh salsa.
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DARK ACT PASSES: GMO Label Restrictions Passes in the House
Legislation to block any federal or state to require labeling foods of genetically engineered ingredients has passed the House of Representatives. Consumers want to know if their food has GMO ingredients. Let your representatives know that you do not support the DARK act. We deserve to know how our food is produced so we can make informed choices. That is our right to know! Help stop the bill from passing in the Senate.

Sheri is a certified nutritionist with a master's degree in nutrition, with over 14 years of clinical counseling experience and an ACE-certified personal trainer with advanced certifications.  All nutrition consultations include dietary analysis and meal plans to meet your individual calorie and nutritional needs.

Free introductory 15-minute appointments are also available.

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