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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can a nutritionist do for me?
  2. A nutritionist can help balance your diet to ensure that you are getting the right combination of vitamins and minerals to meet your health needs. If you have chronic conditions such as headaches, skin rashes, energy fluctuations, emotional swings, decreased immunity and other symptoms; they may be addressed through healthy nutrition. Calorie levels are provided to match your activity level and weight goals.

  3. Do you help with meal planning?
  4. Yes, sometimes you just need some fresh ideas to get on track. This is especially helpful for special diets or food allergies and sensitivities.

  5. Do you provide menus?
  6. Menus can be provided based upon your needs and food preferences.

  7. What can I expect in the Initial Nutrition Appointment?
  8. A health history will be taken based on your current health, family medical history, recent lab results; food preferences and aversions are also discussed. Mutual goals are set and prioritized.

  9. Do you customize recommendations for each person?
  10. All recommendations are customized for each individual based upon the information collected at the initial appointment and adjusted as needed in the follow-up appointments.

  11. When are appointments available?
  12. Day and early evening appointments are available day Monday through Friday, or by special arrangement.  Appointments can typically be scheduled within 2-3 weeks of initial contact.

  13. How do I schedule an appointment?
  14. Call or email to schedule.  click here  for contact information.  Please specify your available dates and times, and if you will be using insurance. If using insurance, include your insurance provider, spelling of your name and birth date.  Expect to receive a response within 48 hours unless it is a weekend or holiday.

  15. How do I find out if my insurance will cover my nutrition appointment?
  16. You have two choices: 1) Call your insurance provider to see if they will reimburse for nutrition counseling or 2) If your provider is Premera, Regence, First Choice, Kaiser, Cigna, United Healthcare or Aetna, call Sheri (206) 789-6440, she can check your coverage.  When leaving a message, please include: name of insurance provider, ID number (include alpha prefix, if applicable), spelling of your name, birth date, and if there are any medical conditions.  Please don't email this information, as its more secure to leave a voice message.

  17. How should I prepare for the initial nutrition appointment?
  18. Journal your food intake for a minimum of two days, a day that you work and a non-work day if your diet varies on those days.  Bring this food journal, along with a list of medications, supplements and any recent lab reports to the initial appointment.  You may also bring your medications and supplements to the appointment.   These instructions will be reviewed with you when you schedule an appointment.  Other necessary client forms can be located here.

  19. Where can I take a grocery store tour?
  20. Grocery store tours are available at the store of your choice within the Seattle area.

  21. How do I prepare for the first personal training appointment?
  22. Please print and fill in the following form to the best of your ability - health history and release form. We will review this form together.  You are encouraged to complete this form, and fax or email to Sheri in advance of the first appointment.  Please come dressed to move, wearing comfortable clothing and supportive closed toe shoes.

  23. What is your cancellation policy?
  24. Please give 48 hours notice if you cannot keep a scheduled appointment or you will be charged for the appointment.  Once an appointment has been scheduled, this time has specifically been reserved for you.  Your consideration will be appreciated.

  25. Do you accept credit card payments?
  26. Now accepting credit card payments with a preference for cash or check to pay for appointments, copays, coinsurance and supplements.  Please make checks payable to "Sheri K Mar".

  27. Are there any special discounts?
  28. Yes, a 15% discount on individual appointments is provided for seniors (60 and older), employees of the Bayview Retirement Community and Ballard Central Chiropractic.  However, the packages provide the best savings.  No further discounts will be applied when purchasing a package as they are already discounted.
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