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Personal Training Specialties

Yoga PosePrivate one-on-one sessions  focused on strength and core training for those who want to tone the body, maintain functional fitness, balance and bone density.  Customized programs can be created so they can be continued in the privacy of your own home with basic equipment.  An excellent program for those who are intimidated by the gym environment or prefer to work-out creatively and independently.  I work with all body types and a range of fitness levels.  At this time, all sessions are virtual.  Assistance with setting up your home gym will be provided.

INCREASE METABOLISM - By changing the body composition to increase lean vs. fat mass, metabolism will increase assist in weight loss.  Add more lean mass to optimize the calories burned after work-outs.

STRENGTHEN & TONE - Improve your ability to accomplish more physically demanding tasks by increasing muscle strength, and tone the body to reduce fat and look more trim.

IMPROVE BALANCE - Incorporate a fall prevention program or programs to improve coordination for daily activities or sports.

IMPROVE POSTURE - Stand taller and look more confident by improving posture.  Long periods of sitting or holding a static positions through-out the day can compromise posture and create weaknesses that lead to chronic pain in many areas of the body.

IMPROVE MOBILITY / FLEXIBILITY - Feeling stiff?  Learn how to stretch comfortably and improve range of motion, move without discomfort and feel less restriction.  If you find it difficult to stretch on your own, facilitated stretching is offered to help you stretch comfortably with assistance.  Myofacial release is offered to release tight areas with the use of foam rollers, massage balls and massage rollers.

CORRECT MUSCLE IMBALANCES - Muscle imbalances can affect musculoskeletal alignment leading to injury and chronic pain.  Assessment and correction of these imbalances can make a huge difference in function and movement.

REDUCE MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN - Address specific issues that create pain by adjusting movement patterns and postural alignment.  Myofacial release is offered to release tight and painful areas with the use of foam rollers, massage balls and massage rollers.

MAINTAIN BONE DENSITY - Incorporate safe weight bearing exercises that improve or maintain bone density for both men and women.

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