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Nutrition Specialties

DIET ANALYSIS - Receive customized recommendations for improving nutrient balance.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - Learn about programs for weight loss, weight gain, or maintaining a healthy weight. Find out your optimal calorie intake, based on your weight goals and activity level.

DISEASE PREVENTION - Gain knowledge about dietary changes for lowering risks of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases.

DRUG-NUTRIENT INTERACTIONS - Prevent nutritional deficiencies related to use of prescription or over-the-counter medications, and/or supplements and herbs.

FOOD ALLERGIES/ SENSITIVITIES - Find out if allergies or sensitivities cause fatigue, headaches, gastro-intestinal upset, or other ways of feeling poorly.

WELLNESS & HEALING THROUGH FOOD - Address specific health concerns with diet. Includes plans for diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions.

DETOXIFICATION PLAN - A cleansing detoxification plan can increase immunity, improve energy, and well-being. Make it a yearly ritual for optimal health.

WOMEN’S NUTRITION - Address nutrition for pregnancy, planning for pregnancy, and support for breast-feeding or concerns about PMS, menopause and osteoporosis.

WHOLE FOODS-BASED DIETS - Receive meal plans and guidance toward eating fewer processed foods and moving towards a more nutritious whole foods-based diet.

VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, PLANT-BASED AND SPECIAL DIETS - Receive meal planning, cooking ,and shopping guidelines for balanced nutrition based on your dietary preferences.

PRE & POST BARIATRIC SURGERY DIETS -Support for pre-surgery preparation along with post-surgery education on dietary transitions to optimize recovery and safely maximize weight loss.  Experienced with the following surgical procedures: band, gastric bypass, vertical gastrectomy (sleeve) and revisions. Consider the convenience of purchasing a series of phone counseling appointments. Call or email for more information.

SPORTS NUTRITION - Boost your energy level; gear up for a 10K, marathon; or enjoy an active lifestyle.  Learn the best strategies for improving your post work-out recovery and sports performance with nutritional changes.

GROCERY STORE TOURS - Become a knowledgeable shopper at the supermarket, farmers market or health food store.  Learn cooking tips and how to decipher food labels and stock your kitchen with healthy essentials.

SUPPLEMENT EVALUATION - Have your nutritional supplements evaluated to determine if you're getting the most support from both food and supplements for your particular health needs.  A great way to find out if you can improve your vitamin and mineral regimen and prevent over-supplementing.  And potentially simplify, and save money.