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Nutrition Counseling Rates

Insurance coverage is available for nutrition consultations.  Click here for more information.


Minimum recommended service: Initial consultation, plus 1-hour follow-up


Initial Consultation (1.5 hour)--- $190
    • Collect information on medical/social history, dietary habits, and lifestyle.
    • Collection of 24-hour dietary recall for computer analysis, to be reviewed in follow-up visit.
    • Screen for dietary risks of chronic disease.
    • Prioritize health goals and present initial recommendations.


$148 per hour after Initial Consultation
    • Reassess health goals.
    • Follow up on recommendations from previous consultation.
    • Modify or add recommendations, as needed.
    • Review computer analysis of dietary recall and discuss appropriate changes.
    • Provide meal planning, food ideas, and/or shopping tips.


3-Pack with Grocery Store Tour* ---- $430 You save $56!
  • Initial consultation (1.5 hour)
  • Follow-up consultation (1 hour)
  • Grocery Store Tour (1 hour)

6-Pack (six appointments)* --- $820 You save $110!
  • Initial consultation (1.5 hour) plus the following:
    • Five 1 hour Follow-up consultations,
    • OR ten 30 minute Follow-up consultations,
    • OR mix and match for a total of 300 minutes of appointments and
    • grocery store tour may replace a 1 hour Follow-up consultation.

6-Pack for Established Clients(six appointments)* --- $658 You save $230!

Available to clients who have completed the initial consultation.

  • Six 1 hour Follow-up visits,
  • Or twelve 30 minute Follow-up visits,
  • Or mix and match for a total of 360 minutes of appointments.
* All package appointments must be completed within 6 months of purchase.  Full payment must be received by the first appointment of package.  No refunds or exchanges.
Grocery Store Tour (1 hour)--- $148
  • Tour the PCC, Whole Foods Market, Ballard Market, or your favorite grocery store.
  • Customized tour based on client's health goals and preferences: may focus on produce section, bulk foods, prepared foods, packaged foods, cooking tips and healthy meal planning.
  • Tips on reading food labels and making healthier choices.
Telephone/Video/Email Consultation---- $37 per 1/4 hour
  • For clients who have had an initial consultation and at least one follow-up visit.
  • Intended to answer additional questions and provide support.
Insurance coverage is now available for virtual/telehealth nutrition appointments.


  • Telephone/Zoom/Email Consultations
  • Focus Group Sessions
  • Gift Certificates
  • Senior Discount—15%
Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to keep an appointment, please give 48 hours notice to avoid charges.  No refunds or exchanges.

Prices effective 01/01/2022, subject to change.