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Welcome to the Eat Well, Be Fit website!  Yes, you're in the right place for the total health and wellness solution through nutrition counseling, personal fitness training and health coaching.  We are accepting insurance for nutrition counseling appointments.  I look forward to meeting you!

What's New for October

Newsletter - October 2019
This month's topic:   Sweeteners: Trick or Treat (2019)   What are all these sweeteners with strange names, are they safe and how to spot them on a food label.  In current news - Dietary Guidelines for added sugar... more

Stay informed with new links to the latest on Trump's policies affecting food and nutrition, check out Helpful Links
Dispensary is open!
We're excited to introduce our customized dispensary.  Now clients can order their favorite supplements and shop for "clean" personal care products such as moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, sunscreen and more, from two different websites.  The products available are professional quality and carefully selected to meet our high standards.  To visit the Dispensary click here.
Farmers' Market Watch

Here's what's in season now: peppers, leafy greens, green beans, herbs, lettuce, summer and fall squash, cauliflower and more.  Still plenty to make some locally sourced healthy meals.  Berry season is winding down, there's still blueberries and black berries, apples and pears are coming in.  The Ballard Farmers' Market is open year-round on Sundays.

Health Care Coverage

Use your health insurance for nutrition counseling appointments.  While we still have the Affordable Care Act (ACA), take advantage of your preventative care benefits.

If you have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, you may have unlimited nutrition counseling appointments available under your health insurance plan.  Use it now, as your benefits may be changing soon.

Please contact Sheri for assistance with navigating your health care benefits for nutritional counseling.  more


Certified Nutritionist,

Personal Trainer,

& Health Coach

picture of nutritionist/trainer I believe there is no "one size fits all" plan for nutrition and fitness.  We all have individual needs and they need to be respectfully addressed when creating plans for nutrition and activity.  Successful programs are a collaborative effort that address your needs and lifestyle as whole.  I welcome you to take this opportunity to discover your optimal health.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  more about Sheri
Current Thoughts

Wow, Fall is here!  I know it was a rainy September which made it harder to get outside to exercise.  However, this is an opportunity to get creative with indoor and outdoor exercise.  We still have some sunshine in between those raindrops!  It's back to school / back to work let's work on improving our immune system as we'll be spending more time in enclosed conditions with others.  Let's put together an action plan for healthy foods and exercise to take control of your healthy self!

For many of us, health care coverage expenses have gone up this year, we need to up our efforts to stay well.  I'm all for lifestyle changes to sustain health, prevent disease and injury.  Adjustments to diet, activity and managing emotional health are key.


Let me guide you towards sustaining healthy habits in nutrition and fitness with my Health Coaching skills.  I've come to appreciate how an established healthy lifestyle has made my life more comfortable and enjoyable.  This doesn't mean it's always easy.  It takes constant re-evaluation and commitment, often difficult when life gets busy and complicated.

Welcome to Fall!